Busways and Powerbars

Busways and Powerbars

Flexible and scalable power management is essential for data centers as the number of mission-critical devices grows. Busways and Powerbars offer flexibility with your power distribution infrastructure. This allows for reconfiguring, ease of installation, and overall, more efficiency. The Vertiv™ Powerbar patented range of busbar trunking adds overhead power distribution to your data center, allowing increased accessibility to power loads for maintenance. Circuits can be added and removed easily as they are located just above their respective racks. This allows you to make changes in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Our Vertiv Powerbar products also complement the Vertiv E+I Switchgear range to provide a complete power distribution solution.

Vertiv Impb

Vertiv Powerbar iMPB

Ideal for dynamic data center environments, the modular Vertiv™ Powerbar iMPB allows businesses to cost-effectively optimize and adapt power distribution infrastructure over time. User friendly tap-off boxes can be placed anywhere along the busway for easy integration into any data center layout and speedy scalability. The adaptive busway design also maximizes availability with continuous power delivery to critical loads even during upgrades and changes.


Vertiv High Powerbar

A complete power solution for transformer to main panel board connections. Vertiv’s High Powerbar (HPB) is a 1000V totally encased, non-ventilated and low impedance busbar. HPB sandwich construction range has been engineered for applications which require moving large amounts of power. Most commonly HPB is used to distribute power from transformers to low voltage switchboards and then down to further power distribution boards.

800x600 Medium Phase Powerbar 1

Vertiv Medium Voltage Phase Powerbar

Designed for Electrical distribution within industrial facilities. Vertiv’s Medium Voltage Segregated and Non-Segregated Phase Powerbar is typically used in power stations and industrial applications for lower and medium capacity generator connections. MV Segregated and Non-Segregated Phase Powerbar can also be used for interconnections between switchgear panels and for switchgear to transformer connections.