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SmartRow for tiny data centers

Going Tiny Offers Big Solutions

The tiny movement has become a popular trend, and it seems everything is designed to be tiny. Cars, houses, and technology are becoming smaller and smarter. Going “tiny” is more affordable, offers mobility, lowers the environmental impact, and is energy efficient. Therefore, it’s no surprise businesses are moving IT into small spaces that are closer to customers and employees to gain a competitive edge.

Tiny Data Center, A Smart Choice

Tiny data centers are found in a wide variety of organizations including banks, health care, retail, manufacturing and more. Small IT spaces often require a fast implementation, high availability for critical applications and equipment, and efficient operation with limited support personnel on hand. An attractive option for tiny data centers is an integrated approach with all the necessary components packaged together.


Vertiv’s SmartRow is an integrated solution providing effective implementation and monitoring of an IT infrastructure in a small space. This solution combines necessary IT equipment along with fire suppression, dedicated cooling, power distribution, and monitoring and management into a single rack perfect for small IT environments. One customer used the SmartRow system as the consistent configuration for each new branch office which condensed the timeline for purchasing, ordering, and implementation.

The SmartRow system can be placed virtually anywhere and offers significant benefits to organizations outfitting a small space with data center equipment:


  • SmartRow reduces energy costs – up to 27% through high-efficiency power, dedicated cooling and management technologies, and containment
  • Optimizes space efficiency with an integrated design


  • Reduces time and cost of implementation. Order, install, and implement within just weeks compared to months of a typical small space build.
  • Saves up to 28% on upgrades compared to a conventional data center


  • All in one, simple integration: racks, dedicated cooling, management, fire suppression, cable management and power distribution are designed to work together, saving time and money on installation and operation
  • Adjustable and expandable capacity. Available in multiple rack configurations for up to 36kW of total capacity


  • Enhances performance and anticipates potential problems before they occur with infrastructure monitoring and management appliances and software

Ready to go tiny with your data center?

By reducing implementation time and optimizing space, a tiny data center makes your infrastructure decisions smarter and easier, saving you valuable time and money. As your Vertiv partner, we can help you meet your data center goals and adjust to the needs of small spaces. Contact us to schedule a call with one of our engineers and learn how we can help maximize the benefits of a tiny data center.

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