GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | LeftSideView
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | LeftSideView
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | LeftSideView
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | FeatureInfographics
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | FeatureInfographics
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | FeatureInfographics
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | ProductBadge
GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA | ProductBadge

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5-EBC36VRT2UTAA is a hot-swappable, lead-acid UPS battery cabinet designed for use with Liebert GXT5-1000LVRT2UXLTAA UPS system. Its new auto detection feature makes installation easy and fast ensuring the UPS configuration is complete and accurate for the solution installed. Power ports allow up to 10 additional external battery cabinet units to power the UPS for extended runtime.


  • High power factor from 0.9-1.0
  • User-friendly, gravity-sensing LCD
  • Individually programmable output power receptacles
  • Liebert® RDU101 NIC for SNMP communications and environmental sensor support
  • Rack tower convertible systems
  • Hot-swappable internal battery and scalable power with auto-detection of external battery cabinets
  • Energy Star® 2.0 certified


  • More usable power to support more connected loads for cost and space savings
  • Simplified installation and operation Remote UPS firmware upgrade capability
  • Ability to prioritize critical loads
  • Improved ability to manage connected devices without impacting continuity
  • Streamlined remote monitoring and operational efficiency
  • Faster deployment and accurate runtime information
  • Intelligent battery health management for optimized service life
  • Optimized energy and capacity management
  • Eligible for the Vertiv™ Trade-in Program, Contact a Vertiv partner for discount rates and to calculate your savings

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