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The modular NetSure™ 5100 Series power system with 2000 watt rectifiers and DC to DC converters provides up to 600 amps of current for -48 volt systems with up to 400 amps at +24 volts or -58 volts. The basic components of the power system include the NetSure Control Unit (NCU), module mounting shelf assemblies which house the rectifiers and converters, and a modular distribution cabinet.


  • High efficiency – 96.5% efficient eSure rectifiers NetSure™ rectifiers are designed to operate from -40 °C to +80 °C, providing a minimum 1750 W output at 65 °C
  • Selectable AC Input - 120 VAC, 208 to 240 VAC
  • Supports Ethernet, SNMP V2 & SNMP V3, ModBus and RS485 communication interfaces
  • Battery Management Capability
  • ECO Energy Savings Mode
  • NEBS Level 3 compliance and UL Listed
  • Custom configuration file capability


  • Minimize total cost of ownership with high efficiency eSure rectifiers
  • Reduce the need for specialized cooling with rectifier high temperature operation
  • Deploy the power system where 120VAC is the only input option
  • Keep your network power source secure with encrypted controller communication
  • Extend the life of your batteries with the available battery management tools
  • Achieve energy savings with ECO mode, even at low loads
  • Have peace of mind with this UL and NEBS power system
  • Minimize installation time and drive planned network conformity with custom configuration files
  • Reduce your Off Grid generator runtime with Solar/Hybrid input
  • Optimize your battery capacity with priority and non priority load shedding
  • Solar/Hybrid Capability – reduces grid dependency

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