NetSure 8100DB (582140600)

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The NetSure 8100DB distribution bay features high capacity, modularity, and simplified installation.​


  • High capacity up to 4,800 amp (eight panel) or 3600 amp (six panel)
  • Each panel is configured for up to 800 amp feed, delivering a continuous rating of 640 amps
  • ​​​​​Digital metering for current and voltage monitoring for bays and individual modules
  • Ethernet Card interface through Web pages, SNMP and Modbus
  • Interchangeable fuse and circuit breaker distribution modules
  • Three ground return options include overhead bus bars, internal panels, internal full bay: 1200 A standard; 2400 A optional
  • Optional deeper bay for easier cable management
  • NEBS level 3 compliance, meets or exceeds all relevant GR1089, GR63 and UL specifications


  • Modular design minimizes CapEx by allowing incremental system growth
  • Simplify installation and maintenance with easy access to cables and terminations
  • Increase real-time visibility into power usage and take control of your network ​​​​​

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