Transformer Preventive Maintenance

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Failure of large power transformers can cost you millions in lost revenue because replacements can take months to purchase and install. Worse, a transformer failure can trigger fire and explosions, endangering your people and threatening your plant’s critical assets. Fortunately, losses due to transformer failure can be avoided. Through preventive and predictive maintenance and testing, Vertiv can identify potential issues and repair problems before a unit fails.


  • Inspections include visual checks for cleanliness, cracked insulators and bushings, paint condition, oil condition, nitrogen pressures, relay targets, and condition of grounds
  • Infrared testing detects heat buildup, loose connections, and defective surge arrestors which are often a precursor to failure
  • Ultrasonic detection identifies excessive corona that produces radio frequency (RF) interference which may cause an insulator, bushing, or surge arrester to fail
  • Nitrogen gas tests are performed on nitrogen gas blanketed transformers to identify the presence of gas in the oil or a high oxygen content that leads to oil deterioration
  • Oil analysis provides an accurate assessment on the condition of properties that are essential to transformer oils


  • Improved reliability from your electrical distribution system occurs through routine inspection and maintenance
  • More cost-effective testing and maintenance is achieved as analysis of transformer performance identifies signs of impending failure
  • Fewer unplanned outages and costly business disruption is the result of ongoing testing and trending that informs decisions regarding electrical assets
  • Fewer emergency repairs are needed when transformers and related equipment are regularly inspected and serviced
  • Optimized transformer performance and life span is possible when adjustment are made based on the results of regular preventive and predictive maintenance

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