Vertiv BBD BD, UPCBD2 | LeftSideView

The Vertiv BDE BD Series UPCBD2 is a round-cornered, square-design telephone distribution enclosure. Included in the UPCBD2 are a dielectric shield, standoff bracket, and shield isolation bonding/grounding bracket assembly. The UPCBD2 houses terminations and splices of small pair-count buried cable. Specific applications include termination of all types of service wires and housing for all types of splicing arrangements.


  • Meets or exceeds RUS requirements
  • 6 AWG grounding capability
  • Shield isolation bonding/grounding bracket assembly
  • Unique multi-stage paint process meets or exceeds EPA standards and provides a tough corrosion-resistant finish for longer life
  • Tongue-in-groove fit of upper cover protect against environmental conditions


  • Rugged mill-galvanized steel housing for durability and low maintenance costs
  • User-friendly, factory-installed dielectric shield with Velcro fasteners for ultraviolet protection of cable conductors
  • Factory-installed standoff bracket for easy access to cable conductors

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