Austin Tech Company – Solutions Center Renovation

Austin Tech Company - Solutions Center Renovation

Austin Tech Company

Product Type: Racks and Containment, Thermal Management

The Customer’s Need

The customer, a computer technology company based in Austin, Texas, had a limited budget to renovate their customer solutions center. This center/lab was designed specifically for End Users to bring their customers in order to showcase the latest and greatest in data center technology.


Limited budget, Limited physical space and lack of a strong design concept.


Utilize a hybrid configuration that draws from our Smart Solution platform to integrate hot aisle containment, in row precision cooling units, intelligent rack PDUs and distributed temperature and humidity sensors. All designed to fit within the small footprint of the existing display hall.

Specific Vertiv Products Used

  • In-Row CRV (12” Wide 32kW ).  The solution utilizes five in-row Vertiv Liebert CRVs configured into teamwork mode via a private network. Using distributed temperature and humidity sensors, these units work in tandem to handle cooling the load while only providing air where the load needs it. This allows for optimal efficiency and avoids the issue of “over-cooling.”
  • Racks: Vertiv VR 600MM Wide x 1200 MM deep Racks.
  • Containment: Vertiv DCX Hot Aisle Rear Expansion Channels. This solution saw the first ever combination of these expansion channels,  Liebert CRV units and the new Vertiv VR Rack platform to form one custom, smart solution. It included UPS powered emergency exhaust fans used to remove the hot air  in the event of a full power outage. The fans communicate to the In-Row units and are told to turn on via a Vertiv NSA switch that connects all the components to a private network. The ability to contain the hot air allows for maximum return temperatures to the in-row units making them more efficient. The containment eliminates the possibility of the cold air mixing with the hot air, allowing the in-row units to focus only on cooling the IT load.
  • Rack PDU’s:  Two PDU’s per rack are installed providing N+1 redundancy. Each PDU is fed by a L21-30 plug capable of feeding the PDU with 3-phase, 5 wire, 208/120 capabilities. This allows for a large amount of in-rack flexibility. The PDU’s are fully managed which allows the end user the ability to cycle power on and off as well as lock receptacles remotely.

The overall solution represents the cutting edge in cooling, containment and power distribution and it exists in a single, integrated, standalone solution that is conceived, manufactured, and powered up in less than 7 weeks.