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Improve energy efficiency and overall system reliability in your data center by utilizing the newest technology for your thermal infrastructure. Electrically commutated (EC) fans offer innovative technology with exceptional value. When integrated with continuous speed control across the full operating range of thermal management units, EC fans provide a simple, cost-effective way to introduce energy-efficient technology by regulating airflow and reducing fan input power.


  • On-site consultation allows service technicians to get a better understanding of your performance goals and priorities for your cooling infrastructure
  • Factory-grade installation using OEM parts ensures ideal airflow and performance optimization
  • System coordination ensures proper set point of existing controls to reduce energy consumption, improve compressor life, and reduce unit “fighting”
  • One-year warranty covers OEM parts and services should an issue arise


  • Improved energy efficiency is achieved by matching cooling to the load requirements with a direct drive, beltless design
  • Reduced operating expenses and maintenance costs result from needing less fan power and less fan usage
  • Fewer or delayed capital costs are due to variable speed capabilities that result in less wear and tear on precision cooling equipment
  • Better return on investment (ROI) occurs as EC fans offer a greater long-term payback as opposed to the faster return of other variable speed fans
  • Improved availability happens with more uniform cooling that eliminates failure-causing hot spots

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