Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Units

Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Units | LeftSideView
Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Units | LeftSideView

Designed to support liquid cooling within high density environments, the Liebert® XDU Coolant Distribution Units are suitable for chip & rear door cooling applications that offer easy, cost-effective deployment in any data center. The Liebert XDU family offers systems that operate with/without facility water, allowing you to tap into the benefits of liquid-cooled servers to more efficiently support higher rack densities without incurring the costs of major infrastructure changes.


  • Compact footprint allows for in-row deployments
  • Top or bottom liquid supply & return connections
  • Integrated 50 micron filter
  • Large 7”responsive color touch screen display
  • Precise Temperature Control to eliminate thermal shock for server CPU and GPUs.
  • Intelligent flow monitoring with alarm features
  • Closed-loop pipe design with integrated leak detection
  • Easily accessible fill port and drain locations
  • Innovative Stainless-Steel Design and Hygienic Couplings help ensure Secondary Fluid Network integrity


  • Achieve incredible efficiency in high-density environments
  • Protects secondary liquid network with strict conformance to wetted material compatibility
  • Intuitively designed for ease of deployment
  • Accommodates any facility design and with multiple cooling configurations
  • Robust design with confidence inspiring redundancy options including teaming for the most demanding applications
  • Integrated controller designed from the ground up to be easy to deploy and supports leak detection
  • Flexible support services available for installation and maintenance with same day options

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