NetSure HVT EO2 CN1

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400V DC Power is designed to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. Based on flexible architecture, 400V DC power can be implemented at a wide variety of different telecom and data centers sites. Whether your site equipment powering needs include 400V DC, 48V DC, or AC Power – or a combination of all three – 400V DC can be the backbone infrastructure of a cost effective and efficient site design.


  • Higher power density and small footprint
  • Safe and reliable with alarms for insulation failure and grounding faults
  • Local monitoring and control via 7-inch touchscreen color display
  • Real time remote monitoring via TCP/IP, SNMP and major web browsers
  • Specialized parallel design for capacity expansion


  • Achieve your sustainability goals and save energy by minimizing AC to DC conversion steps via high voltage DC power (HVDC)
  • Significantly reduce cabling and installation costs by distributing power at high voltage DC compared to 48V DC
  • Free up floor space near the load by remotely backing up your HVDC infrastructure
  • Minimize CapEx by building out power capacity in a scalable fashion to match your site power needs

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