SmartRow™ DCR

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SmartRow™ DCR | FrontView
SmartRow™ DCR | FrontView
SmartRow™ DCR | FrontView
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The SmartRow™ DCR is a self-contained, modular datacenter designed to simplify IT deployments in indoor spaces. With capacities up to 10 racks, integrating cooling, UPS, power distribution, fire suppression, and backup ventilation, the SmartRow enables standardization of complete micro datacenter configurations across multiple locations. The degree of factory integration maximizes installation speed while minimizing cost. Why build out a datacenter space, when you can have one delivered?


Simplified End – To End Integrated Solution
  • Factory Integrated Thermal Management
  • Factory Integrated Thermal Containment
  • Factory Integrated Emergency Ventilation
  • Factory Integrated Power Distribution
  • Factory Integrated Fire Suppression & Detection
  • Factory Integrated Cable Management accessories and options
  • Factory Integrated Emergency Power Off (EPO) control
  • End to End SmartRow Delivery and assembly service available


Simplified - Controllable
  • Simplify implementation through an integrated design.
  • Easily operate and manage infrastructure systems through integrated controls.
  • Ensure continuity of business operations with single system startup, warranty, preventive maintenance and repair.
  • Utilize industrial-leadeingservice and support provided by local data center design experts.
  • Ensure efficiency and availability with iCOM controls - manage cooling to optimize IT equipment performance and lifr.
  • Enhance performance and anticipate potential problems before they occur with infrastructure monitoring and management appliances and software.
  • Increase physical security and equipment protection with lockable cabinets and access alerts.

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