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Thermal Preventive Maintenance

Thermal Preventive Maintenance: 5 Tips to Get Your Infrastructure Winter Ready

Winter is coming, and with it the dangers of winter storms, including snow and ice. Prepare your infrastructure for potential loss of power or damage with these tips.

Protect Your Physical Infrastructure

To protect your physical infrastructure, you should first conduct an audit on your equipment to determine possible vulnerabilities. Confirm surge protection and UPS systems are functioning on all network appliances.

Check your facility’s roofs and HVAC equipment to ensure they are protected from ice or water penetration should a storm hit. When storms hit, be sure to check for fallen debris or tree limbs, and clear away.

Keep essential snow removal supplies handy or check with your building supervisor to ensure the equipment is available.

Regularly Back Up Your Data and Applications

While you regularly will be implementing backup solutions, it can be especially important to ensure your backup system is indeed working, and backup copies are being updated frequently and stored in the cloud or an offsite location.

Prepare Telecommunication Options for Essential Employees

If your facility were to lose power, consider the employees that will be essential for your organization to function on a base level. Have a plan in place for them to access data and applications remotely and consider options if they need to be able to use their own device.

Make sure to have a clear plan of who should continue to function if an emergency should arise and communicate these expectations and communication chains with your team clearly.

Winterize your DRC

Your disaster recovery checklist should include cases for winter storms but take the time to review your DRC and disaster recovery plan and winterize it for specific use cases.

Get Help With Preparations

Our reliable and knowledgeable team of experts can help you prepare for the worst with professional assessment services to get you ready for the winter with a clear plan and peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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